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Leyland Cypress Trees

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Leyland Cypress Trees
Leyland Cypress Tress

Leading Growers of Leyland Cypress Tress

Aucker’s Nursery ranks among the leading growers of Leyland Cypress Trees, producing over 750,000 trees annually.

Located in the rolling hills of north central Florida. Our family owned and operated nursery specializes in the production of Leyland Cypress trees for both the retail and wholesale market. Providing year round shipping of liners and container grown trees, with pick-ups available at our nursery.

The Leyland Cypress is a fast growing evergreen averaging 3 feet or more per year in growth. Its’ fast growth makes it ideal for windbreaks, hedges, screens and Christmas Tree production, but a single specimen tree is a spectacular addition to any landscape.

The Leyland Cypress ranges from zones 6 to 10 with a height of 30 to 50 feet and thrives in almost all soils with a PH ranging from 5 to 8, preferring full sun to light shade. This conifer is a very drought tolerant tree making it one of the easiest conifers to grow.

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